About Us




IF YA DON’T KNOW, NOW YA KNOW! (Biggie voice)

Who are are: VINTAGE'88® is lifestyle brand that sells Supa Dupa fly unisex nostalgic apparel with 90s-inspired designs and empowering messages for Black culture.

Our mission: To uplift Black culture through nostalgic apparel, designing pieces that pay homage to The Culture, family values and contributions made by our people, for our people. 

At VINTAGE'88® we pass the nostalgic vibe check. We respect our elders, we play outside, we come in before the streetlights come on (most nights), we know that we got McDonald's at home and we occasionally forget to take the chicken out the freezer! So when you see our logo you know the flava and other VINTAGE'88ERS in the Fly Crew know what's up too! 

Why: SOLOprenuerer, single mom & wearer of all the hats, Ashton wanted to create a brand as an ode to the highlights of her childhood and adolescence. Much of that was influenced by ‘90s culture, TV, moves, music, playing outside, granny's house, family reunions, and Black culture. She is nostalgic by nature. You can always catch her on her stories bumpin’ some ‘90s Hip-Hop & R&B, spending time with her daughter.

Stay up on the 411 with VINTAGE’88® and follow us on Facebook, IG and TikTok @vintage88gear for nostalgic content and curated Apple Music playlists-- cause we love some '90s music over here okay! 

Thank you for checkin’ us out and we look forward to having you in our Fly Crew! 

Peace, love & nostalgia, 

Ashton 💋✌🏽